The Importance of Community For Local Businesses

The Importance of Community For Local Businesses

You may have heard that the Pensacola News Journal’s Best of the Bay 2021 nominations have begun and wondered, “Why is this so important to businesses?” There are three components to what makes this acknowledgment so vital to local businesses:

    1. Shows a Company Is Trustworthy
    2. Increases Brand Awareness
    3. It Feels GOOD to Be Supported 

Shows a Company Is Trustworthy

There is nothing more important when choosing a real estate agent than knowing that they can be trusted. A lot of times this will be the biggest investment you will ever make and you need to know that you are being led not only by someone who is a local expert in the area but someone who is representing your best interests in every decision throughout the process. 97% of online buyers read reviews before they make a purchase, being backed by a community-led “people’s choice” awards is the ultimate positive review!

By being voted “Best Real Estate Company,” and “Best Place to Work,” our community is being shown that we have a PROVEN track record of being the best at what we do – voted by the people. Being the best is not just measured by success either, it is in providing the world-class service that people have come to expect when working with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties. And we wear the titles like a badge of honor year-round where our current and future customers can know that we will always have their back.

Increases Brand Awareness

By now, your social media and newspapers should be filling up with posts and articles asking you for your nominations. There is an extremely easy and free way to show your support for your favorite local businesses…by asking friends and family to nominate for your favorites! Think about how many times the nominating platform alone has been visited and shared…each visit is an opportunity for a customer to hear about, learn more, and connect with us so we can assist them in their future real estate needs. Word of mouth is crucial in growing and maintaining a local business so if we have made your real estate journey #better then don’t forget to share our posts during the nominations round!

It Feels GOOD to Be Supported

This last point may seem obvious or silly, but the bottom line is that it just feels GOOD to know that we are supported by the community we love so much. Every day we come to work ready to change the face of real estate, one relationship at a time. Knowing that our customers are feeling valued and take the time out of their own days to share their experiences to choose us as “Best Real Estate Company” and “Best Place to Work” lets us know that we are staying on the right track.

Thank you for making us a WINNER in:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020



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